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Primal Domme, TaskMaster, BDSM Disciplinarian, Erotic Visual ASMR Fairytale teller/writer.~ Your Support fuels my creative and devious mind. Allowing me more time to give you all the utmost attention towards putting you in place. Under my Boot. Gripped by my Fangs.
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Subscription Tiers

  • Rewards:
  1. Join me at: B.I.T.E to enjoy a free task.
  2. Free PM's to my fetlife
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per month
  • Basic Supporters.
  • Why thank you! I will take your money now.

  • Rewards:
  1. Send friend request on fetlife / post wall messages.
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per month

Support the creation of my visual erotica fairytales. Have your stories added by offering them to me to add to my collection as a tribute. I will make landscapes from FlowScape to go with each scene and ASMR recordings of me reading each one.

  • Guidelines:
  • Must represent the villain as the main character.
  • Antagonist must be animalistic in some way.
  • With Erotic or Fetish theme included.

  • Rewards:
  1. Access to wips
  2. Week early release from public release.
  3. Suggest character names.
  4. Suggest item to be used in the story.
  5. Monthly poll for future themes.
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per month

The more you give the happier I am. Kiss your send button just for me.

  • Rewards:
  1. Exclusive monthly photos. [5 pics in a reel]
  2. All lower tiers.
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per month
  • Rewards:
  1. Access to an additional task daily in my B.I.T.E group.
  2. Name displayed on my group Tier as an official and recognized Rug.
  3. Participate in monthly polls for photoshoot theme.
  4. Guarantee a spot over the non-officiated in monthly Challenges or public game sessions.

-In cases of limited slots: Higher Rank gets slot 1st.

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per month

Here you begin your grueling obedience training. The Madam prescribes a personalized routine after you fill out an in depth questionnaire. Allowing her to best shape you to suit her desires and needs.

  • Rewards:
  1. Comes with 2/weeks of routine +1 free week trial
  2. Weekly check ins through text
  3. Protocols, check lists, coaching, exercises, slave positions, and reward system
  4. Name displayed on my group Tier as an official Stool.

  • If you want a weekly plan instead contact me. 30/week
  • Free trial is for 1st time Stools only and acquired after leveling up from Rug rank. Contact me for trial start before you pledge Stool.
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per month
  • Rewards:
  1. Name displayed on my group Tier as an official Throne
  2. Bronze Badge
  3. Access to discord ID for daily text check in
  4. Play a game with Madam 1/month
  5. 1 private task.
  6. Exclusive Personalized photo
  7. All other Tier rewards under this.
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per month
  • Rewards:
  1. Name displayed on my group Tier as an official Palanquin.
  2. Silver Badge
  3. Access to exclusive discord server (for texts, voice chat, early release fetish photos, and game streams)
  4. Play games with Madam. 3/month.
  5. Virtual session. Once a month.
  6. All rewards below this.

-Palanquin status needed to unlock Masterpiece status and further rewards that include in person meet ups.

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  • Monthly Photoshoot Posts
  • Monthly Erotica updates
  • Obedience Training with weekly Routine

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Model's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Model by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Model directly via Instant Messenger.

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the Goal
Already saved 17,000 towards buying a home. Your tributes go towards closing costs and other unforeseen things making it possible for me to have a private location available for you Betas to come serve me in person. Possible live in position may become available. So give all you can and I can welcome you into my household sooner! So long as you are obedient and put in the hard work required.

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