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The Master's Sanctum
The Master's Sanctum
Stories and images of me and my fellow submissives as we share our experiences with you.
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The Master's Sanctum

My name is Master Anderson. My slavegirls and I want to welcome you to our profile.

This is our newest digital home, and we would like to formally invite you to step inside and explore your dark side with those who are well equipped to guide you along your journey.

This site is dedicated to the world of Dominance and submission and the exploration of all the pleasures these roles can bring. This world is not limited to BDSM, it expands much further when explored correctly. Still, the themes included within can be extreme, so please be aware. If this is not for you, we will not be offended should you choose not to remain.

Now allow me to provide some simple background as a way to better prepare you for all that is to come.

I have been a Master for 37 years and in that time, I have been blessed by the deviant gods to build a collection of submissives trained to satiate every appetite one can imagine. I have taught each one to explore the wilder aspects of their libidos, opening them up to passions and climaxes they never would have found on their own.

I find myself reflecting more and more on my journey, and the journeys of those who serve me. From my early education bound to Mistress Sabine's thorny cross to the current explorations of my newest slavegirl Brooke, shivering in the misty heart of her public life, praying that the footsteps in the hall don’t belong to someone she knows.

I enjoy pouring over the numerous volumes of journals I have collected through these years. I yearn now to share them with you, to relive the erotic highs and desperate lows through your fresh eyes. We hunger for witnesses.

We hope to make new friends. To embrace those who harbor deviant, dark and lascivious desires. To educate and answer, to learn and discover. We also hope to peer into the soles of those who want to submit, and to dance in the firelight of arousal.

So please come in. The fire is warm and the wine plentiful. Join us and prepare for your boundaries to slip and your horizons to expand.

I promise we won't bite, at least not at first.
Master Anderson

- Master Anderson

The Master's Sanctum

Meet Brooke (Images)

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The Master's Sanctum
Public post
Hello. My name is Brooke Campbell, and I am currently Master’s Primary slavegirl.
Slavegirl Brookw Campbell
This means I live with Master and serve him 24/7. Not all his slavegirls get this honor, and I am very proud to serve him in this way. This also means I will be your guide through our stories and experiences.
With that said it makes sense for our journey to begin with me. When somebody first applies to be trained by Master there is a three-step interview process. The first step includes asking us to share our stories of when we first discovered we enjoyed or desired to be submissive. So, I figure that would be a great place to start, and will certainly give you some insight to me, and how I ended up here.
The simple truth is as far back as I can remember I was fascinated with all things erotic and sexual. Even long before I knew what sex was, I had discovered that certain things gave me waves of a strange pleasure. Riding my bike, wrapping my legs around my body pillow, the power of the water shooting from my shower head.
I also found myself feeling excited when I would be exposed in any way. Wearing my uniform skirt at school, or a swimsuit. I did ballet and Irish dancing, and the costumes would also heighten these thoughts.
I grew up in a VERY religious household. My Father is very involved in our church, and as such we had a strict upbringing. I have two sisters and a brother, and my sisters were perfect little angels. So was I, on the outside. Everyone saw me as sweet, innocent, and pure. Even today this is the first impression I give off. They just don’t know the things that constantly run through my mind.
Slavegirl Brooke Campbell
These thoughts and urges always had to wait until bedtime. I shared a room with my sister so I would wait until she was asleep and then I would strip naked and explore my body. I had to be careful and quiet but every night I would learn more ways to bring myself to the edge, and beyond. I learned to cover my face with my pillow, suffocating as I came so I couldn’t be heard. 
Every once in a while, my sister would wake up to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom and the adrenaline rush from almost being caught always made my desire stronger. I began to explore this. I would start to get naked and masturbate on top of my bedding. No way to hide if she woke up again. This made everything so much better. So, it wasn’t long before I started to fantasize about ways to push it further.
Slavegirl Brooke Campbell
It started with me sneaking across the room and masturbating while standing next to my sister’s bed. She was only inches away, so the risk was huge, and the risk was like gasoline on a fire. I was on to something.
I started slipping out of our room and walking around the house naked at night. I would choose a different room to masturbate in. The couch, the washer and dryer, the dining room table, even the kitchen counter.
Slavegirl Brooke Campbell

This escalated again and again until one night I sat on the hallway floor, my back against one wall and my feet pressed against the opposite wall on either side of my parent’s bedroom door. I wouldn’t allow myself to leave until I came. Getting caught would have been a disaster of epic proportion, which made the entire experience more explosive and pleasurable than anything I’d ever felt before.
Now I needed more. It was an addiction, and like all addictions you always want to top your last fix. So, I’d walk naked from my bed through the house and out into the backyard. Like before I began masturbating all around our backyard. Being naked outside was amazing but honestly the risk felt less. Our yard was private so there was little chance of being caught. That is until one night. 
I was laying on a lounge chair in the yard, legs spread wide, moments from cumming when our kitchen lights turned on. I was literally about 5 feet from the sliding glass doors, facing the kitchen. The light coming through them lit me up. I froze. I watched as my Dad went to the refrigerator and got something to drink. It seemed like forever as he stood there drinking it. My heart was racing so fast, and I could feel it pounding in my head. I waited for him to turn and look outside. If he did, I would be caught. But he never did. He walked away and the lights went out, and moments later I came harder than I ever had. 
Slavegirl Brooke Campbell
The risk of being caught, being exposed was intoxicating.
The next logical escalation was my front yard. It took me several days before I got up the nerve to open our gate and step down our driveway. This was the biggest risk yet. Nothing but the dark of the night to hide me. Several houses were in sight, and of course our street was only feet away. I stuck to the darkest part of the grass and sat down and masturbated. The next night I moved closer to our front porch, which was brightly lit. Night after night I got closer until I finally sat proudly on our front steps, legs spread wide. Again, I wouldn’t let myself move until I came. It didn’t take long. Knowing that I was basically sitting there naked in a spotlight was so amazing.
I did that for several nights in a row. Thankfully, I never even came close to being seen. No cars drove by, and all the other houses were dark. This disappointed me. The solution was to move all the way down to my curb. We had a big tree near our curb, so I sat with that behind me, blocking the light from my porch. My feet were pressed against the asphalt of the road.
I literally couldn’t hold back my moans as I came that time. In hindsight this may have been my first full orgasm. My entire body shuddered uncontrollably as I all but screamed with pleasure. I was soaked in sweat as I slipped back into the house that night. I had to experience that again. So, every night of over a week I did just that. Sat there in front of my house naked, cumming for the world to see. 
I knew down deep that every time I did it, I was pressing my luck. That the odds were I would get caught, and I knew how terrible this would be, but, at the same time, that reality only made it more irresistible. 
Then one night I was getting close. The tingles were growing deep inside, and I knew in moments I would be gushing. I was so preoccupied I didn’t notice the person on the other side of the street. When the movement caught my eye, they were about two houses away. It was dark so I couldn’t see their face, but I could see the glow of the ember on their cigarette, and the leash in their hand. 
I froze again. I didn’t dare move. My legs wide, my fingers in my pussy, my body wet with sweat, like some erotic lawn ornament. I watched as they stopped to let their dog pee, then move closer. When they were at their closest, right across the street, I could make out their face a little bit. I couldn’t tell who they were, but I could tell they were not looking my direction. 
Slavegirl Brooke Campbell
In fact they never did. They were watching the dog and looking down most of the time. I waited as they moved further and further away and then were lost in the darkness. I took that chance to rush into my backyard. I was terrified. Had they seen me? Would they tell my parents? I hurried back into bed, and this was the first time the reality of what could happen overtook my arousal. It would be weeks before my urges returned, and more powerful than ever, pushing me to a brand new level or risk. 
- Slavegirl Brooke Campbell

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